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Yes it's true I am being bu...
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hi my name is Danielle Make...
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Blog 2

Aloha planet earth! How r u...
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MY lunch for a week completed

Thursday : rice with potato...
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my lunch for a week

Sunday: i ate macaroni sala...
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ok, im so fricking bored.... anybody out there like vampires? totally random.. listening to music.... practicing guitar.. nothi...

mindless behavior

Posted over 6 years by jade8956


I lOVE MINDLESS BEHAVIOR.I love them because their cute.My favorite is prod.But i still love all of them because their best fri...

Default girl

When I finish school and move out I'm gonna go to collage and become a vet because i love animals. I mean who doesnt love anim...

i love my girlfriend

Posted over 6 years by block


every time when i talk to her she nice.beatiful,fine

Default girl

My mom just left this morning for mississippi. I'm staying with my grandma. I might go to the mall make videos of my self being...

Aug 21

Posted over 6 years by Andrew.Rockcrystal_1661031


Hi Readers Of My Blog-post things. Today is August, 21, 2011, (Disregard that statement if it's on any other date, :D ) So t...

Default girl

Tommrow is school im so happy because i get too see my friends all over again and i like this boy his name is leron and i get t...

School starts

Posted over 6 years by I am epic


Almost everyone in the world is starting school, or already started school! If you are starting school, please comment this. Ar...

Starting school Dx

Posted over 6 years by I am epic


Tomorrow im starting school! I will only be on the weekends until school is out in June. I will still be on and stuff. Just not...

My first blog

Posted over 6 years by I am epic


This is my first blog, and i dont know what to talk about yet! This is just about my first time blogging. Nothing else really, ...

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