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iambatman posted in General:
He is the PresidentWhat does the president do? 
reply 1 minute
Storm04 posted in Food:
WAFFLES ALL THE WAY!!!! [s:p/zqh] [s:p/zqh]
reply 35 minutes
Storm04 posted in Debating:
Well I'm a Christian and in the Bible God says do not curse.Personally, I don't understand why you would want to curse in the first place? It just makes you look like a dirty mouthed person. It doesn't matter how old you are I don't think that it's funny nor do I think it makes you look cool. And if people want to judge you because you don't curse well then that's their problem! I have a family that curses a lot and it makes me sick, if I were you or anyone for that matter, I would just not even worry about having to curse and if you see someone who is cursing leave the chat or whatever. [s:p/zxl]
reply 39 minutes
SarahBae posted in Say Anything:
truth or dare 
reply 42 minutes

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  • Say yes as long as you can bring your BFF along
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