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Rescueluv posted in General:
Banned for not actually banning someone
reply 1 minute
The ninja boy
The ninja boy posted in General:
"swirly-girly" wrote: Happy Birthday The ninja boy *sends e-cake* Thanks swirly *eats the e-cake all alone*
reply 36 minutes
smartysatya posted in Debating:
"swirly-girly" wrote: "brunostar" wrote: Should old people be allowed to vote? I say no, because they wont live the generation, we will. that's not a bad idea cuz I think old ppl should lose there driving license. how old do u think old is? maybe when ur too old to drive u should lose both your license an your vote at the same time. u no if Justin loses it will be cuz of old folks XD
reply about 1 hour
XxOtakuOnexX posted in General:
i almost got banned from kw!!!  Dx i dont want to get away from my Soul!!!! Dx
reply about 1 hour

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