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(Funny Story)  There was a boy. There was a girl. One hot summer day, the girl wanted to ask the boy out, "Oh my god! I'm so hot" said the girl, the boy had a grin on his ace, "Hi So Hot, my name's Pete". They never spoke again :P
reply 11 minutes
Leopup890 posted in Random:
Pizza. Darn am I hungry xD
reply 17 minutes
superwowgirl posted in Random:
A diffrence between a good day and a bad day is your thought ..
reply about 2 hours
Abbergrl posted in Random:
A great post. Agree with this.People need to understand that such people do everything normally and even feel normally but just need a little help ocasionally, that doesn't mean you have been given the job of being their mom or big sister or brother or something. And they're fine and don't need your pity. And being amazed at what they can do is okay, but being superamazed and like, they're so smart wow, it's like you're saying that you thought they never had brains. The losers who pick on these people cannot be helped. Lol
reply about 2 hours
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