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Desmondlove1 posted in General:
Yea Fifty million dollars not naira
reply 4 minutes
-Karpov- posted in General:
Fifty million
reply 23 minutes
astucieuse331 posted in General:
It really depends on how far your typical 'rude' will go. Personally I wouldn't accept it, either way. Money can't buy everything. If you actually plan the situation out, such as being rude to someone for that large amount of money, you'll see. You can't actually take it back, if you tell the person you were being rude for a cause, they'll ask why, and you'll say, "Oh, I was just acting rude for $50 million". They'll think you're selfish by then and still think you're rude, so my answer would be to reject it.  :)
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astucieuse331 posted in Debating:
I love debate and writing, so I might be a part-time author (on times when I can actually write peacefully) and full-time lawyer. If I ever get to being part-time author, I'd just publish my book.   :|
reply 34 minutes

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