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Glaxy s5
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"jordand08" wrote:Hello!I'm sorry about what you're going through, I'm sorry people misjudge you, and hurt you.We shouldn't be judged because we're all unique in our own ways. I wish people would see that more, and see the brightness that we all withhold, but unfortunately that doesn't happen. It seems like it's only natural to judge by appearance, and it's not fair, I know. But sometimes, even though I know it's hard, believe me I do, we just have to ignore what others think of us, and keep moving forward. I'm positive you have people, like your boyfriend, that accept you, for who you are inside and out.But I'm here whenever, you can always comment me, whether it's just to talk, or to complain, it doesn't matter to me. I like to listen, I'll try to help the best way I can, I can't promise you I'll always have the answers, but I'll have an ear to listen. (: Thank you so so much! I am so glad that there are people like you in this world! You are a very sweet person! Thank you for reading my forum, and thank you for listening to me and actually caring about what I say and how I feel! :)
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A friend you met in a chat room wants to meet up and go to the mall. You:
  • Tell them you're sorry but you can't meet them in person since you don't know them
  • Say yes and then double-check with your parents that it's OK
  • Say yes as long as you can bring your BFF along
  • Say yes and head out the door to meet them