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AlphaT posted in Say Anything:
Nope. They start fires, but they also float in water. You have to carve words into them with a knife, but apparently they also make paper. When it rains, their roots take in the water, but their leaves are always the part with all the rain on them.  Face it, trees are just pretending to be trees. They're evil. 
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AnimeBae posted in General:
banned for even banning that dude sickening :p
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iamalive posted in Say Anything:
"swirly-girly" wrote: "iamalive" wrote: are you ok fine ty but I'm a lil worried about u i was talking about the original poster im worried about me too ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Somebody posted in New Users:
Hi Everyone.  Well here's a little bit about me. Im 17.  I live in Canada. I like to skateboard and lngboard. I like rock and metal music. Im sort of goth but not really.... I love  w 3 e d im bored as hell so im on this site now xD Yah. Friend me and s h t.
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