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arthi posted in General:
Banned for lack of punctuation.
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hollybl2468 posted in Debating:
  "lelnah" wrote: But we're not all just cute rubber duckies in a strawberry bubble bath. I want to say thank you for that, you gave me a laugh. You are the first person I have known (other than myself) to say rubber duckie. :D "lelnah" wrote: Which is more? Are humans harmful more than helpful? Or helpful more than harmful? Well, the "help" humans provide are for our own race, to cure ourselves from illnesses and build ourselves bigger buildings, etc. But meanwhile, we are damaging our planet and destroying the habitats/food resources of other animals. I would have to say we are harmful more than helpful, in terms of what we do to the earth and the creatures around us.  
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Luciernaga posted in Debating:
I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe that there are demons and angels. 
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hollybl2468 posted in Debating:
"FeatheryOne" wrote: No. There is not a single scrap of evidence to conclude that paranormal entities exist. I believe in dragons and ghosts and unicorns. There is heaps of evidence everywhere, they totally exist. Heaps of art and stories, etc, proving they must have existed at some point. I don't believe in dinosaurs, though.
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