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the door slammed shut , never to be opend again

Posted about over 6 years by daffy xxx _1924096

The door slammed shut never to be open again

Here I am again! I am in my cold, damp basement, packing up all of my belongings, because I am moving home tomorrow, but I’m also wishing all my tragic memories of this basement would disappear forever, as they are painful and slowly killing me. It is as if I’m drowning and I cannot swim to shore, and there’s no escape. I feel as if I am in a cage of hungry tigers that surround me, everywhere I turn there is a tiger waiting for me.

Memories rush back in the cold basement, one of these specific memories are of Newton; it is hard to express what I am feeling right now as Newton changed my life forever.

Before I went to Newton, I was not the ideal teenage daughter my parents wanted, as I would always get in trouble in school with the teachers and out of school with the police, looking back I am not proud of my behaviour, I am very disgusted.

Monday 14th of May 2001
California, America

Bang! The door slammed shut, crashing to the floor, letting hundreds of year elevens students in my house, it looked like a dam breaking, “its party time “ I screamed feeling very excited as it was my birthday party.
At that moment I was in a drinking competition with my best friend Faith, Faith and I have been friends since primary school and always had each others backs. We drank and drank until there was no more alcohol left; the year elevens were getting very angry as there were no more drinks left.

So Faith and I went down the crooked staircase, of my basement, I heard a cry coming from the rear end of the basement. I tried to stretch my neck to see who was crying. I tripped over my dress and landed on Faith, she pushed me off with fury making me fly into the air and land on the hard concrete floor. Some people would say I was lifeless, others would say I was dead, but I say it was both as I was unconscious. While I laying lifeless Faith was laughing and pointing at me, I got mad as I didn’t see the humour of me being unconscious , I tried to get up but slammed to the floor as I was too drunk.

When suddenly Faith stopped pointing at me, she started to point at the red glow that was coming from the same direction of the cry I heard a couple of moments ago. She rushed down the stairs and tried to drag me to the glow, as fast as a cheater chasing it’s pray.

My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened, as I stood in front of the glow it came from a door, but its was more than a glowing door, it had blood dripping down the side of it, and it was floating in mid air, in a corner of the basement. How did it get there? I don’t know, all I know is that I wanted to see what was inside it so badly.

“Let’s open it “I said with a very happy voice, but Faith just looked at me like I was a drunk idiot, and replied “are you feeling okay, there’s blood dripping down the side, I don’t think it is safe, we should go back up stairs before something bad happens to us” she shouted and scampered up the crooked staircase, leaving me all alone in font of the glowing door. I couldn’t think of doing anything else but open the door.

I slowly opened the door. I was being very careful and steady, but then out of nowhere a big hand grabbed me “Ah!” I shrieked, while trying to get loose, I was in so much pain, as the hand was squeezing me very tight, I couldn’t breath, so I got dizzy and dizzier, until eventually I collapsed. The hand belonged to a troll; while I was unconscious he had dragged me in to a new world called Newton.

He had not had anything to eat in months and wanted to gobble me up in one swallow, he nearly did before I woke up; I was nearly in his mouth, “help “I screamed, hoping someone would hear me.

Thankfully a young slave was out of the castle, getting some wood for the fireplace, he was chopping the trees down with an axe when he herd me plead and cry for help, he came rushing to me, he wacked the troll five times in the head. Bang! The troll fell crashing to the floor dead.

At that very moment the door disappeared, I was stuck in the land of Newton, I was scared and worried as I had nowhere to go, but the slave offered me a home in the palace working with him, I agreed along as I had a roof over my head.

He took me to the palace, where I worked and worked until my fingers bled, day after day, I would go without any food or sleep, because I didn’t finish my job , I had to complete everything before I got a slice of bread.

I never worked that hard before and started to miss my home, where I would do nothing and talk horrible to my parents, just to get what I wanted. Eventually my eyes widened when one day I made soup for the queen, she thought it was acceptable, but because it was watery she chucked it at me and laughed,

“You call this soup, ha-ha my bird can make better soup than this, take it away and make sure it isn’t watery” she bawled. I was scared and thought about my home were I use to do that to my mother, I felt hurt and started to cry, I wished I was back home and ran to my room and locked my self away from the world.

The very next day I had to clean the knight’s swords and amour, I was bored and miserable as I was all alone, with no one to talk to. I finally finished cleaning hundreds of knight’s in shining silver amour after two days of none stop work. When suddenly I had and wicked idea to put on the knights amour and fight with the swords, I don’t know why, other than I didn’t want to be a slave any more.

Back and forth, back and forth, around and around the sword went, I didn’t want to stop as it was the most exciting thing I did since I had been there. But it all ended unexpectedly three knights came in and saw me with their amour on and fighting with their sword, I thought they were going to bawl and beat me, but they didn’t they smiled and offered me a part in their army, I didn’t realise at the time, there was a war on and they needed recruits. I accepted the offer and jumped up and down, up and down with enthusiasm, as I could not wait to work with real knights.

Three years later
Three years later I became very well known with the army, as I fought many battles with great courage and skill, you expect me to be happy, as I made new friends, got a good reputation. But I wasn’t happy, I was the opposite of happy, I was miserable as I missed my home and wanted to go back.

Tuesday 14th of may 2002

While the night was long, while the sky was overcast and whiles the sea waves roared and smashed against any boats that came in its path, I was covering my face with a red silk cloth, trying to hide from Prince Adam who was looking after the throne, while his mother and father took a break. Adam had short hair, he had big green eyes that sparkled when the sun reflected its light on to them, it shines so bright and beautiful, and it looks like the stars in the night sky.

It’s very hard to express how I felt about Adam, as all of my feelings are rushing back to me, but all I can say is that I had a shiver down my spine, as I stood motionless in my tacky amour, my stomach churned. I had strong and painful feelings for Adam, feeling I had never felt before or since.

Someone came rushing past me out of nowhere, the person ran so fast that it made a silk cloth fly out of my hand that was covering my face, because I was shy of Adam and wanted to hide. I started to panic as there was nothing covering my face; I tried to reach for the cloth, stretching every part of my body towards it. Thump! I fell bumping and skidding across the white, clean, marble floor.

I tried to stop but I couldn’t as the floor was too slippery, I skidded so far that I found myself under Adams nose, but before I could run away he helped me up and asked me for my name. I became speechless, I didn’t no what to say and could feel my hands and arms shivering, turning blue and purple while I stood there in shyness.

That day led to another and another and then another with him, we went everywhere together, we never left each other’s sight, it was if we were long lost lovers, every day we could not stop hugging and talking to each other, no matter where we were. That’s probably why I agreed on Adams proposal. It’s because the loved we had was special and unique, it was something that I have never felt before, until I met him.

Five years later

“Hurry! We need to get back to the castle!” one of the knights bawled at me with his loudest voice. Half the army went left while the others went right, I went right. But something made me shiver that day, as I new something bad was going to happen to me, but I couldn’t put a finger onto it.

Then suddenly the army moved too fast, leaving me behind in a cold, spooky forest, I was all alone with no food or shelter, I was terrified, like always I was sacred, that what I been feeling the most since I been here, I been feeling sacred and lost, I wanted it to be all a dream and every time I close my eyes I would open them and there would be a room that is pink and white, with cuddly teddies on my bed. But that never happened instead I was stuck in this fantasy world. I wondered around the forest, with no idea where I was going, I felt very unintelligent as I didn’t know where the castle was, and I had stayed there for almost ten years.

Three hours went by and I was still walking across the dark, haunted forest looking for a way out and to the castle. But I didn’t find the castle; instead I saw a glow, a glow that I saw nearly ten years ago, in my basement which led me to Newton. When I got closer I realized that the glow belonged to the same door with dripping blood at the side, it was my only way home, my only way out of this fantasy world, I walked closer and closer to the door, hoping it would not disappear, while I steadily walk towards it.

“Here I go!” I said out loud to my self with tears poring down my face as I was happy to be nearly home. I lifted my foot as high as the sky, to reach the door, as it was floating in mid-air as high as space; I slowly lifted my body and went through the door into the world called Earth in other words called home., I learned a lot experience in Newton and will never forget it, or Adam my lost long love, I remember wishing that I would meet someone else like him or even better, the thing is Newton changed me into a better person I learned to treat other people with respect.

I landed on the floor of my basement, bleeding so much as I slammed the floor with strength that could break metal bars and trying to get up while kicking all over the place, I looked drunk like I did before I got pulled into the world Newton.

Suddenly I hit the glowing door on accident and quickly looked back to see what had happened to the door , hoping I didn’t push it , but did I tried to catch the door way before it closed, but I was to late. Bang!

The door slammed shut never to be open again!

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