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Saving the World

Posted over 4 years by karate57_2063082

"Elizabeth! ELizabeth! Come quick!" I snap out out of my daydream to find the 'Elizabeth! Come quick!' just Emma asking me if I wanted a sandwich or soup. I stammer for a second before giving her my answer. "Well, I...uh...I'm not hungry," She gives me a queer look, "Seriously? You haven't eaten in two days. Are you alright?" Really, I'm not. Two days ago when I got out of the hospital, heard my mom died in the crash, and became officially paralyzed from the hips down. My dad died when I was three and I'm in the care of my amazing aunt and uncle. They have two teens ( about my age), and a pair of rambunctious twins. "So...Riley, what do you want?" "Well, let me see." She scrunches her face in consentration. Riley starts to tick off what she wants on her fingers. "A cheeseburger, two milkshakes, fries, mozerella sticks as an appetizer..." Riley goes on and on with her menu and Emma vigorously scribbles it down. I'm probably not as excited as Riley about Emma getting a job at the newest cafe/burger place. We decided to celebrate by coming and getting a 75% off dicount. "Okay, Riley, I think that's enough food," Emma says and runs toward the kitchen before Riley whips out the nunchucks she keeps hidden in her boot. "The nerve..." Riley says and pats her purple updo.

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