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The Pain Which Never Ends

Posted about about 6 years by Strayy_2047303

(This is just a little idea that had come into my head that I wanted to type up. This is what I came up, its fairly odd in my opinion. There may be slight grammatical mistakes but it's late and I am very lazy. Also, Darude is a techno band, in case anyone was wondering~ Enjoy!)

His worn converse sneakers only let out a light footstep as they paraded down the waxed floor of the ballroom. Dress shoes made the boy uncomfortable so he preferred his own shoes, his torn, black converse sneakers. He had no trouble with the formal wear however, he wore a silk pinstripe tie with a black shirt followed by a red vest and charcoal over coat. The boy's slacks were charcoal as well, complementing the outfit kindly. Besides his sneakers, the only other thing that stood out was his man piercings, he had a total of seven. Four on his ear, two beneath his bottom lip and another on his nose, mostly all the same stainless steel which reflected in the dim yet vibrant lights. He approached the silent girl, adorned in a red velvet color with a small red rose attached to her wrist. The girl turned her head, giving the boy a light smile as he offered his black gloved hand to her naked one. He returned the smile, lifting the woman to her feet as she took his hand. Gently, he drug her to the ballroom's floor, giving her another kind smile.
After all the while that the two have been dancing, the area around them seems to fade as the boy closes his eyes. Not noticing the changing, he feels her grasp slip from his as he makes a delicate turn. As he opens his eyes, he notices his shadow dancing across on the ivory curtains accompanied by the silhouette of a woman. In the dim projection, her head rests on his shoulder. But, soon enough even the happy couple's silhouette disappears as the man drops to his knees, head resting between his legs and banging against the mahogany floor. Quietly, the boy questions to himself, crying silently as he wonders why this has all happened. His memory seems to be erased as this faint remembrance keeps returning to his thoughts, pounding like he was on the doors of the dead. Again he continues to question his presence, why he is at these two steel doors that now reside in front of him when they have not before. The boy regains stability and gets to his feet, taking the iron handle in his tight grasp, attempting to pull the doors open. Alas, the door is too hot and he is rejected once more. As he is drowning in his thoughts, staring at the woman adorned in scarlet from the other side of the ballroom. Everyone around him is in steady motion as this young boy still rests, seeing the false reality that is believe to be true inside his skull. The quiet footsteps of his sneakers were not heard over the uproar of the students, enjoying them self wildly. This young boy exits the room and goes to the balcony, prying the glass doors apart. Sighing contently at the fact these doors had opened, he strolls out, leaning and resting his arms onto the stone railing.
After a silent break, he feels a presence behind him as the loud and obnoxious techno music fades and turn classical. The tune is kind and surreal, warm even at the cold air flooding the young man's face. As he changes his direction to see the woman who is his partner standing behind him, his silky black hair is swept back. It reveals his pale and sorrowful eyes for this whole time he was continuing to drown in his thoughts and self loathing, her approach had released him of this pain. She only gave him a vacant expression when he had turned around, as patient as she was it was a waste of time for her to be standing there as long as she had. She grabbed the young boy's hand, dragging him off of the railing back inside the hot and stuffy room. The classical music is defeated by the loud pulse of techno, drowning the elegant melody with Darude. Finally making it to her original seat, she sat down and let him stand in front of her. She was completely unaware that as soon as his hand was released, his mind slid back into the demented fire that surrounded the steel doors he was unable to open before. In reality, he crouch to his knees in front of her, sobbing quietly and letting the tears drip onto the expensive carpeting. In the recess of his mind, he was forced to his knees by a flaming entity. His face was inexpressive but the flaming one's was a greasy smirk, crooked and malicious. Knowing his fate in his mind's world, he shut his eyes, allowing him to take in the surrounding hatred. The faint reality that he was not in-tune to, the woman in scarlet was slapping his face as he was laying on his back. His eyes were soulless, its almost as if he was no longer part of that world. Trapped forever in his own version of hell, forever in solitude away from those he cared about. Not deserving such pain, the pale discs on his face remained staring towards the skylight; His gaze staring upward into the white sphere resting in solace in the sky. As a small smile made its way to his face, he snapped back into reality for a brief moment. The young boy was surrounded by silhouettes once more, the classical tune playing in his ears. Making his way to his feet, he pressed through the shadows, making his way to the silver dressed oak table. Only a single crimson blush rose rest on the chair, pedals blending in with the chair's fabric. With another smile, he quickly removed his converse sneakers; With a quick knot he rest them on the chair and placed the dying rose on top of them. Now with very muffled footsteps, he shuffled out of the room once more only this time he faded into the backdrop of the ivory curtains. The boy was now completely vanished, now abandoning his trick reality, the whole facade his mind decided to play. As the party continued and the woman rest in her chair, holding the sneakers that were left in her place. The blushing rose in her other hand, twirling it gently between her index finger and thumb. The young woman was completely clueless, she had no idea that her boy would no longer return. It seems he was the only one that had experienced any of this, time was standing still as what seemed to be hours passed through his head. But it was too late, the boy was gone, a simple shadow blending into the wall to never be seen again. Hopefully the young woman, holding his dearest memento in her hands, would remember this young boy somewhere in the recesses of her mind. Sure enough she wouldn't, her thoughts would be blown away by the tyrannical music which ruled the dance floor. Anywhere else the melody of sorrow and malice could be heard, releasing you from reality and sending you into a state of pure intoxication. As she closed her eyes, she was in a valley of blushing roses; The young boy was across the field, back turned to her. With tears and a smile, she ran up to him and embraced him, holding him tightly to her. When the man turned, she opened her eyes to see the fire swell around her. But she had nothing to fear, the young boy was by her side, clutching her naked hand in his gloved one. Slinging his sneakers around his neck, they proceeded forward towards the curtains, becoming the happy silhouettes against the ivory curtains. The classical music reigns the scene, as the fire possesses the stage, leaving them to dance alone in the hopeless darkness. As long as they have each other, the fires of hell will swell around them but they would never seem to mind. Their hearts are already swelled with pain and sorrow, regrettable feats that they've never been able to accomplished. As their fingers were intertwined, nothing could separate them. Even if they were torn limb from limb in front of each other, the bond between them was unable to be severed. This was true love.

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