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The ending of the Beginning

Posted about over 5 years by nene12214_2323652


part 1

The cloud were slowly rolled in,chasing away the
light of day and brought the darkness that came
with the loud rumble of the thunder head clouds.
I slowly walked along the sidewalk pavement.the only light that enabled me to see was the street lights
as they leave blind spots in-between them.The wind blew my hair to one side of my shoulders as the last sight of the sun placed it warmness onto my cheek and soon fell into the darkness of the clouds.Slowly as if coming out of the darkness footsteps grew behind me becoming more and more clearer for me to hear.The street lights went black as if someone turned the city power out.I slowly began to walk faster and faster,as did the footsteps behind me. My heart began to race.I began running from he mystery person.As I did rain poured down without warning.I ran as fast as my feet allowed me.The mystery footsteps kept up with as easily as the rain fell.I turned the street corner positive that I lost the person.My hear was beating like a drum,It became louder and louder as it echoed throughout the deserted streets.
The air became thin,making it harder to breath.I stopped to let the air come into me. I breathed in the salty rain scent as it pelted my face.Each tiny drop was cold as it cooled my face down.My heart rate became under control.I slowly began to walk away the direction I'd come.As I walked a man turned the corner a little over ten feet in front of me.He was wearing a black trench coat with a hat that covered his face.Everything but his eyes.
His eyes was as black as night and as red as blood.They were crazed with anger.They were filled with vengeance and chaos,eye's befitting the Devil himself.

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