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R. I. P. Chapter 1

My head hurt. My tummy hurt. My whole body hurt! What happened?! I sit up. Why am i lying in the grass? " You are finally up?!" A voice of a girl reach my ears, this voice is buetiful! I try to move but I feel like I'm going to fall apart. " Uh! " I moan and fall down again. " Are you OK? Don't try to move yet, just stay put, I'll be right back!" The voice says. I hear someone stand up and run away. I guess I don't have a choice but wating! I wated for 10, maybe 15 minuets until the girl came back. "Can you sit up?" She asks. I try to go up and am happy when I find out that I can sit up. "Awesome, now take this in for me would ya?!" I turn around. The girl that is sitting next to me is pretty. She has light blue eyes that you can see excitement from. She hands me a pill and a glass of water, smiles in stands up. Her long brown her blows in the wind. "So, what's your name?" I take the pill in and drink all the water. " I don't remember, M..... Mary I think." The girl smiles again, oh what a buetiful smile. I want to smile back but I dont feel any happiness inside of me. "Well then Mary, feel like going inside the school?" She asks and gives me her hand. I take it and she helps me stand up. First I feel a dizzy and throw up but then i feel just fine. I wipe some of the food that just came up in my shirt. "Sure." I then answer and we walk in together.

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