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The Wolf Huntress: Chapter 1: The Queen

Posted about over 5 years by AngelicCandice_2325937

Chapter 1: The Queen

I walked through the forest. It was midnight. The grass under my feet was cold and damp. Trees stood over me like giants. I looked around for intruders. My instincts were acting up. Behind me, a bunch of wolves were following me. They looked at me confused, as I sniffed the air. Nothing. A wolf cocked his head at me, and I shrugged. I heard something coming. I told my wolf clan a secret code and we ran out of there. As we came back to our lair, I gave them something to eat. It was a long day hunting, gathering resorces, and training. I am the Queen of the Wolves. I am half human, half wolf. I have black hair with dark blue hair that reaches my waist. I wear a blue shirt and skirt and black sandals on my feet. I ended up on this strange land with my wolf clan a few days ago.
They reported many sightings of foul monsters, like zombies, skeletons with bows, and weird green things that exploded. We built a large house to guard us from the creatures of the night. It was dangerous, but we were up for it. We were not going to back down. Wolves are known for their bravery, and hunger. We spent a lot of time to hunt for food, but at least we got steak. Steak is our most favorite food, and it would not be good if we lived without it. I looked outside. I saw zombies wandering around, looking for something. I just closed the window before any could see me or my pack. I sat down and ate some steak. I yawned. It was still nighttime, but we still had plenty to do. We were low on coal. We used coal to light our furnaces and make torches to light up caves. We had to get some sooner or later. I looked through my storage, and found plenty of food, water, and things to begin the journey to the cave where we find our coal. If we are lucky, we might even find iron, gold, and maybe even diamond. Diamond was extremely rare in this world. You are more likely to get hit by lightning than finding even 5. We could make diamond axes, pickaxes, swords, or even make ourself a diamond block. But of course you need 9 diamonds for that. They are that rare. I started to go out to get coal, but I noticed my pack was tired. I sighed. So was I. We decided to get some sleep. We will go out on a coal hunt tomorrow. One was in her human form as she read a book. "Are you tired?" I asked her. "No, my queen. I just need something to help me fall asleep, so I decided to read this book." She told me, showing me a good book she always liked. I smiled. "Don't stay up too late, okay, Jessie?" Jessie nodded and continued to read. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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