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Slen... Oops Sorry I ment kids

Posted about over 5 years by KittiesLOVESYOU_2322936


Once there was 4 kids named Brittney,jake,josh,and Angelina They loved playing in the woods they always play in it no matter what day or night One day they were swinging telling they're secrets And then a Mythical Creature behind them they didnt notice Then they look behind and they saw..... Slenderman!!! They Run as fast as a cheetah They hide Then they whisper "Do you think he will find us here??" Angelina said "OMG Angelina have read about him he can teleport!!"Brittney said "yea i agree with Brittney"said Jake While they were talking Slenderman teleport to them they screamed like heck Then They Run again Slenderman came after them then Josh was taken by Slenderman "NOOO!!! *crys"Angelina said while crying "comeon forget about him lets run"Jake said "Do you want to die or live?" Brittney said "die...?" Angelina "okay fine go ahead then" Brittney said Angelina goes to find Slenderman "wow what a dirty ol' creep girl" Brittney said mad "lets go babe"jake said "what did you just say???" Brittney said so awkard "NOTHING!!!" Jake said so scared "well lets go..."brittney said.... Chapter 2 Coming soon!! smile

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