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Center parcs 2012

Posted about over 5 years by MileyGirl1999_2218394

On the way to Center Parcs we got diverted. But the rest of the Center Parc weekend was amazing!
We shared a villa with Sara and Siobhan and Laura and Evelyn, they are both great families so we were very lucky!
I went to the Teen Quiz at the Meet and Greet, I didn't really talk much because I didn't know anyone and I only knew the answer to two of the questions!
On the first full day we went on the bike ride with Clair Lloyd and at the end my sister Shona got her handle bars stuck under the saddle (somehow!!) and fell off.
After that we went swimming Shona keep trying to get on my shoulder and when every time she succeeded I fell backwards and she fell in to the water head first which was funny!
That night was the halloween party and everyone was dressed up in villa except me and two of the adults. The baby had wings on and she looked so cute Siobhan was a cat and her mum was a vampire-witch and my sister was a mummy and while we were doing her make up and wrapping her up, a swan came and knocked on our French windows. When we got to the party we were quite late, we had dinner but none of us except Shona got dessert. At the party a live band came on called The Scary Girls they were great and they played two of my favourite songs The Proclaimers - 500 miles and Queen - We Will Rock You after that there was a Dj who was doing requests for people. I requested my sisters favourite song but she was just about asleep when it came on.
At the Pancake House the next morning I had a chilli pancake which was very hot and very tasty! We shared a table with some other people and their names where Laura, Ben and Sarah and Crystal, Chantelle and Ruby they were really nice! After that delicious breakfast I went and did some archery with Sarah which was really great, I very nearly hit bullseye and it is kinda weird because I am rubbish at archery. Later on my family and I went bowling I won the game we played and I also beat my all time record.That was great fun!
That night there wasTrick or Treating I didn't go, I stayed behind and handed out sweets.
The next day was the day we had to leave so when we packed everything into the car we went swimming with Siobhan and Sara. Then we all went for lunch at the Pancake House where I had a chocolate pancake.
I had an amazing time at Center Parcs and I bet my mum and sister did too!

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