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The Scoop on Leo Howard

Posted about over 5 years by LeoHowardFan!!!_2122254

here's some interesting facts on Leo Howard that you probably don't know:

-He plays guitar
-He's 5'9
-He likes to listen to rock&roll from the 70's and 80's
-He'll try any food at least one (no matter how weird or gross it looks)
-He loves to cook
-His real middle name is richard
-He's scared of elevators
-He loves scuba diving!
-He loves to collect antique knives and weapons
-He's working on making his own custom guitars!

There are a couple facts that you probably wouldn't know....the only reason i know them is cause i actually dated Leo (or as i called him "My Leo Baby" haha no kidding thats what i called him ) for 3 months b4 he started Kickin' It. Then he dumped me so thats the story of my life smile

LeoHowardFan!!! aka Ari smile

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