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The Anonymous Cat

Posted about over 5 years by ilikecheese1_2327372

The Anonymous Cat
Two kittens have I
Both very well painted
One with a pattern of a Tiger
The other a pattern of a Cheetah
From the day they snuck into my house
Like desperate thieves who actually
Turned out to be two flightless angels!
Full of life that I sometimes envy.
As soon as the clock strikes 5
I would take a stroll around my house
Just to find the two wild cats waiting
Waiting to activate “play mode”!
Jumping up and down, left to right
Just to get a frog and play with it to death!
Suddenly a sound is echoed from a close
Their ears stretching high up to the sky like the Eiffel Tower
Slowly the black and white cat reveals itself,
Well described as ugly, scrofulous and
Slowly they both back away scared to death,
With all the hair in their body facing the clouds!
Very disturbed at the sight of this Anonymous
I picked up a rock and aimed at its atrocious
And BAM! It managed to evade the rock!
Staring back at me as if I were a clown!
Not losing my self confidence
I picked up a bottle and filled it with sand,
I took my second shot, this time with my fingers crossed
And soon enough it was running away with a wounded leg!
Peace was restored to the hearts of the kittens,
And the horrifying beast was never to be seen

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