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More Than This.

Posted almost 5 years by iloveyou1312_1936048

Why is it impossible for us to meet?
Why did it have to be you of all people to fall in love with?
We clearly will never meet,
But for some reason my heart chose you to be in
love with.
I feel as if I know you but you don't know me.
Your friend and I talk online but I don't think you
noticed me yet,
As much as you notice someone pretty.
I am aware that I may be ugly but I thought you
would have at least said hi.
I may not be what you want in a girl and I may be
four years younger but your the one I feel for and
you are the one that my heart chose.
You can say it was love at first sight but honestly
just from seeing you I immediately thought I knew
I know you may never read this but my hope is. is
that your friend will and will let you read this.
I hope that you understand people call you a
beauty for your looks,
But I call you handsome for being you and not caring what people say about you.
You are my everything.
You are the reason I stopped cutting,
Your the reason I stopped trying to commit
suicide you may be older and never know me.
Although you are my life the reason my scars
The reason that I am still alive and breathing.
The reason all my blood is still flowing.
The reason that my heart is still beating.
You fixed my broken heart and healed it.
You fixed me and I hope that one day you will
know that you changed my life and my fate.
Without you I probably would not be alive
any more.
I hope you see this and talk to me.
With all my love I think of thee.
I am forever yours and no one else's.
I love you more than anything.
You are my life.


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