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I dont wanna leave u

Posted about over 5 years by Imtakenbylnv

In 4th grade me and my girl we never payed attention to eachother i was always busy she was always to.We were together like peanut butter and jelly
but i then felt like Peanut butter without its jelly
I wanted to be with her forever I never wanted to let
go she thought of not being together and told me
the idea i said no i love u please dont ever go we
have so much in common we really do and our love
is strong did u really wanna give that up to i know
that was long ago but im still worried i trust u no
matter what its just i dont wanna lose you. You were the best i was to we almost kissed but u always
diss i dont blame u but i know why u did it becuz
u still were thinking about breaking up.I thought it
to i really tried but when my love united with urs
I couldnt think of being just friends when i think
about just being friends and not being together it makes me have nightmares like no other not
being together is worse than the earth ending worse than being killed because I will only die If i lose you so you see I really love you and if u were gone i would always miss you so please dont leave me you know i love you like nobody else you dont care if you get in trouble u dont care if someone talks rude to u u dont care about how u really look u dont care if ur hair is all messy and u dont care about looks of people that much ur the only person that i could act like me with I always felt weird with other girls that would come near me but with you it's so different i feel magnetic with you but with others I feel nothing your special ur funny ur cute and ur a great artist so dont leave me I know ur think about not being together but if you leave me I think ill die scratch that I will die.

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