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As The Sun Sets

Posted about about 5 years by FairyOfDarkness_2389312


Okay agin this is just the start but I want to know if I should continue the story. Let me know ^_^


It was a cold morning and from where I was sat on a stone at the top of Kinhurst Hill, just in front of the village I had once called home. It was covered with mist but I didn’t come here for the view of home, if I can still call it that, no I came to watch my last sunrise.

I never realized how much I had taken this for granted now that I was about to lose it forever. I know now that it was the best thing I'll never have.

I came to this twist of fate by crossing the path of an Englishman. He was a gentleman but I guess most of the educated male generation were polite to women in the years of old. He was a tall man, young as well and his hair a handsome hue of blond that in the right light turned into gold. You could say when we first met I was a little dazzled but not for long. I wasn’t one to be distracted from my goal, which I think is one of the reasons he was so intrigued by me.

His name was Jasper and he helped me out of a dangerous and, if preceded, would have been fatal situation. I didn’t know why this stranger helped me, most men thought we women weren’t worth their time unless they wanted a son or just wanted us in bed.

After that night I felt I owed him something. Anything, but I didn’t quite know what. So when I bumped into him again I decided I would ask him.

It didn’t take long to find him. August 15th was the day and the year was 1828, he wasn’t hard to spot. I guess it should have been with all the men around either going to work or looking for some, but no. There he was just standing there admiring the sea. I walked up to him and just stood there with him not feeling the need to speak at least not just then anyway. He looked down at me, not in a way that it looked like he was dominating me just looking at me with interest and a some what fascinated look in his crystal blue eyes.

“It's nice to see you again” he finally said with a polite and almost charming smile.

“And you, such a lovely day to be at the beach, is it not?” I asked looking back towards the shore.

His smile grew “Interesting” he said.

I looked up at him with curiosity “What is?” I asked................

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