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The Evil Ogre King

Posted about over 5 years by unique567


Deep in the depths of the mystical forest, where spider-monkeys crawl along the lime-green grass and the naked trees dance in the strong wind, the plants, strangled by thorns, hide priceless, golden treasure, stolen by the ogre king residing in Terror Temple. This loot would never be found - or so he thought…
It was an ordinary day, in an ordinary red brick house for a pretty much ordinary, very bored Sally. “Do I have to mum?” asked Sally, “Do I HAVE to clean out the cupboard under the stairs?”
As Sally stomped towards the stairs, her anger suddenly became a feeling of fright upon entering the eerie cupboard.
With the walls clothed in silky cobwebs, the grimy clothes taking shapes too scary for words, the cupboard under the stairs was the most horrifying place imaginable.
Most terrifying, was the noise of ghostly spirits crying for help. Sally, scared out of her skin, anxiously took three mice-like steps back, tripped over a cardboard box and then saw it…
An army of tiny but fierce spider-monkeys surrounded a terrified Sally. “Where am I?” Sally cried, “I want to go home!”
“Defeat the Ogre King!”The spider monkeys chanted. Just when things couldn’t get any weirder, out popped a short, fat gnome.
“My name is Zibit and I’m a wizard. I’ll help you defeat the evil Ogre King. If you do, collect the golden treasure and return it to the dragon queen. I’ll then grant you one wish.”
Sally had no intention to fight an ogre but only agreed because she needed that one wish. “How long do I have to prepare?” Sally asked, still quite shocked at what stood before her.
“We have exactly four hours before the fight so we better get going.”
After a long four hours of training, eating (as Zibit suggested) and learning all there is to know about the ancient art of sword fighting, it was time.
With rotting corpses carpeting the rough, muddy ground, the battlefield looked like a zombie apocalypse had just hit the area. What was left of the once beautiful woods was now covered in scarlet-red blood.
Sally’s heart pounded rapidly as the sight of her opponent met her petrified eyes. The evil ogre king, as large as a 12-storey building, clutched his machete-like sword in his humongous fist as he slowly walked forward, taking down anything in his path.
Zibit then struck the gong, the fight had begun. Blood was shed and people were killed, but after a horrible battle, the ogre king was eventually defeated. Unfortunately, there was no time to celebrate as Sally carried the golden treasure to the dragon queen’s castle.
“You have done what I told you to do, you may now have your one wish” Zibit announced,
“I wish to go home,” Sally said. With a wave of Zibit’s magical wand, she was home as fast as Usain Bolt.
“Where have you been?” mum asked,
“Well mum, it began deep in the depths of the mystical forest...”

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