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killing spree

Posted about over 5 years by supersmash530

this story is about a young man who was born in a city of chaos dragans ate his siblings and pets and his mom died befor he was named and his dad cant tell him his name because he got kidnaped by orcs so he stole a space ship and flew to a planet called balthezor there was a guy giving out supply fit for a army the boy had an idea he took the gear and flew back to his planet frozee he gave his whole planet wepons and armor and ships
they together slayed all the dragans and they called the boy the guy after the name was given another planet got jealous so they did the same thing so they been battling for years as time passed the guy became a guy but the battle aliens thought the battle was ineresting so the aliens came down
to frozee one of then aliens accidently got shot so the aliens got angry so they attacted them so there were three teams battling in the same feald
but an alien just made a knew wepon
called goo gernade one alien threw the goo grernade and zombies appeard the guy got pulled under ground he found his way out after battling through a maze of zombies the battle was over 7 years after he took a vaction and selected to random wariors to whatch the village when he got back nothing was harmed he tried his new portal maker but the wrong people came out a whitch came out of the second portal and she took all the dead devil dogs and created montsers out of them they destroyed half the village in 3 days the guy died he was in heaven the cupids decided to give him one last chance and a favor he returend to earth stronger then ever and has red shining eyes he took out his rocket launcher and shot a plasma lazer out of it and destroyed all the monsters the whitch tried to run but the guy called in all wizerds and destroyed her all of a sudden a demon came out of the ground and then tons did including skeletons the guys army almost got wiped out until the guy called in a favor then a whole bunch of angles came down and a big fight went on for 5 years the guy took another vacation this time on his vacation he saw a pack of orcs with a cage with his dad in it the guy shot every single orc he saw freed his dad and asked"whats my name" the dad replied arkam the dad returned to saftey as arkam did research and figured out who did all the chaos he went to a cave it was dark then a spot of sunlight was in the distance arkam ran to the spot and a 4 armed monster appeared the guy almost died until the monster let out a roar then a gernade came out of nowhere and and fell into his mouth the beast exploded arkam turned around and it was his dad they returned to frozee but one villager liked chaos so he took an axe an killed the guy the village wasnt happy they searched for the axe guy but suddenly he took a little girl as hosstage wright in front of the village then a mirical happend arkam was behind him and shot the axe guy the girl ran to her mom arkam was alive axe killed a robot version of him since there was no more chaos the village lived happily ever after

the end

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