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Posted about over 5 years by Kreeith

One day in a land full of life trees grass it was just one or a kind and then DOOM SHADED THE LAND THE THUNDER OF DEATH CAM TO THIS LAND AND BOOM! all was lost the land was gone and the only thing left was one little tree and this tree will live a life full of sadnis doom but then happynis so as this tree lives its life meany things will happen. as the tree needed water but ware will it find it good luck for this tree a rain drop cam from the sky and you know what that meens rain that day it rained but lets just wait in till the dry time cums 2 days later it needed more water but it was dry so for one week the tree was siting there dieing from the lack of water but that night a storm happened but as a little tree a storm wud kill him he needed luck on his side to save him after the storm he wus alive and better then ever this tree is luckier then a 4 leef clover and guess what the tree has a little tree that's right it wus not a he it was a she and its little tree will live its part in this quest to save the land after 3 years the land had lots of trees and grass THE END.

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