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Liam fanfic

Posted about over 5 years by fizzy51_2395164

you were walking in the park you were going to meet you're long time best friend Liam for a little knew that he liked you and that he wanted to be more than friend's but you didn't want to freak him out by letting him know you you just went along with the finally met up with him and you guy's found a nice grassy spot to ketch up on what you guy's did in the past year. you guy's talked for hour's on end. it got real dark real quick he decided to walk you home you knew he was very protective even to his friend's. so he walked you to you're house and suddenly it started to rain you didn't have a umbrella but he gave you his hoodie to were about to go inside when Liam grabbed you're hand and pulled you close he kissed you lightly on you're glossed up lip's then he slipped a note into you're pocket he said bye and you went inside and read the note it said " meet me tomorrow at Le beige french restaurant at 6:00 if you want to know what the kiss was for love Liam". you then blushed you were wondering if he had planned this to happen or not you then went to sleep. you woke up the next morning it was 5:30 you only had a couple minutes to get ready for the date or whatever it was Liam had planned. you dressed up in a beautiful blue dress then you got a text from Liam it said " Hey y/n i got you a ride to the restaurant it will be outside you're house. i can't wait to see you". you smiled then got up and went outside. you saw a black stretch limo outside you said "hi" to the driver and hopped in. he took you straight to the restaurant. you went inside and saw Liam in a black and white tux. you went to the table and sat down. Liam was smiling so big you kinda blushed. then he pulled out a box. and got down on one knee and said "that kiss yesterday was because i love you y/n i wanna stay with you forever will you marry me y/n?" you started to cry you realized you really loved him too. you finally choked out a 'yes' and he gave you a big hug. then he slipped the ring on your finger. he then said " y/n you made me the happiest man ever and i'm never gonna forget this day!!!. ~fizzy ( if you guys want a fanfic a personal one then just ask please)

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