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me mutha -

My name is daniesha but erybody calls me nenee its a uncommon name so i just say it means crazy lol...i am crazy all day 24/7 im ghetto when i get mad but crazy is no matter wjat i loce scissors they make me so HAPPY!!!! Im a rapper striving for success to be a famous rapper or a child phsycologist or a tutor with music...i know how to sing im flexible and sexy ah..that was a bad picture but im sexy take my word for it..i have 3 lil sisters 0 big sisters 2 lil brothers 0 big brothers im the oldest my parents r really lazy so try to take care of my brothers and sisters like theyre my own kids but i still make sure i have my childhood and i have taken and bi so anyone can hmu

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Why was I falsely accused by Allen?


Project Spark: Conker's Big Reunion

Why was I falsely accused by Allen?

Project Spark: Conker's Big Reunion