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The Chosen Ones (CHapter 1)

Posted about about 5 years by EpicFace122

Chapter 1
Disappearing act

I wake up in our treehouse and expect a loud and annoying alarm clock ring but I didn’t. I was confused, “Doesn’t the alarm clock ring at this time?” I turn to the right and look at the stand near my bed, where my alarm clock usually is. It was gone. Suddenly Cristian walks into my room unexpectedly, “Why don’t I hear the alarm clock ringing?” I quickly turn over and face him, “It’s gone” “Yeah, right!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!” He says. I try my best to look serious, “Well then why don’t you come over here and see for yourself?” Cristian walks over to the bed and looks on the other side where the stand is. He walks up to the stand and expects to see an alarm clockBut he doesn’t. He turns to me, but..How..What...When...Who?” “Now do you believe me?” I said. “I think we should have a party tonight.” I look at him like he was crazy, “Are you crazy?? We’re in the middle of talking about my missing alarm clock, when all you think about is parties??!!” Anthony walked into the room and said, “Hi, guys. What’s up?” We turn around and look at Anthony. I walk up to him and say, “How long have you been standing there?” Anthony walks a little closer, “I was walking in the hallway and heard you guys talking, I got interested at the part when you said parties” I sighed and said, “Fine, we can have a party tonight, but if any missions are reported to us, we have to do it.” The two of them nod and say“ok.”Anthony started jumping up and down and clapping his hands like someone just gave a chipmunk coffee, “Can we have pizza and soda??!!” He said excitedly. Then Cristian decided to join in, “Can we have ice cream and candy too??” Anthony started bouncing up and down like a maniac and clapping his hands like cymbals, “Oohh, oohh, oohh, I know, I know, we can have cupcakes!!!!” “Mmmm.. cupcakes..” The both of them said together. I said, “Alright, let’s get ready and eat some cereal, Ok?” The two of them nodded they’re heads. Then I said, “Then first things first...get out of my room!!” The two of them ran out of my room like two rabbits. They were gone.

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