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lost love

Posted over 3 years by aliyahloveyoubest

As you know, my career takes me to many far away and exotic places that are filled with experiences most people can only imagine. I have been prepared for every new experience, but I never would have guessed that my life would change when I met an angel three blocks away from where I grew up.

When it was time for me to move on and continue on my journey I expected to miss you, but I did not expect to feel as though half of my soul had been ripped from me. It started our last morning together – the moment I knew I wouldn’t be waking up next to you again. I found myself honestly saying, “Why didn’t I get one more kiss before you left, or embrace you a little longer? Why didn’t I pull you close to me and take you to heaven one last time?”

I can’t believe how badly I ache for you right now. Thinking about it right now brings the feelings back all over again. I love the way you feel in my arms, so fragile yet so strong. I love the way your strong yet feminine hands comfort me. I love the way your mouth makes awkward movements and gestures as you tell a story. I love you my darling.

Please don’t ever forget me and know that my heart will always have a piece just for you. Thank you for a month of memories I will never forget. They say time can fade feelings but during our time together I took a lot of pictures in my mind and they’ll be stored in my heart forever.

Love Always,


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