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How to flirt in thee easy steps

Posted about about 5 years by swag28

How To Flirt With A Man - Highly Effective Tip 1

Use those eyes to your advantage.

So he’s just a couple of meters away from you? A couple of glances at him should be enough to catch his attention, and in no time, your eyes will meet.

And when they do, hold that eye contact for a couple seconds…HINTING that you would like to know him better.

How To Flirt With A Man - Highly Effective Tip 2

This one works especially well with a guy that you already know.

I’m sure you chit-chat every once in a while. These simple chit-chats can lead to something more serious…or flirtatious if you will.

Try invading his space – say lean forward to him when he’s talking, will surely catch him off-guard. Time and again, it’s been proven that this simple gesture should get him to think about you for days or even weeks to come.

How To Flirt With A Man - Highly Effective Tip 3

Show your teeth and SMILE especially when he’s around.

This friendly gesture should break barriers between you and the man that you want. Once that happens, you should be both free to talk about things that interest you MOST…topics where you can drop more flirtatious hints.

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