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December, 2010 before Christmas, I had received two puppies. The dogs were cute and playful, I loved them a lot, but I did not know what to call them yet. The bigger dog had black on the back and a light brown face and the smaller dog, was all black except the stomach and paws. Both dogs were part husky and part Labrador.
January 1, 2012, got a border collie, the name Ringo, and he was really shy that he would run back to where he came from. Then I found out what the my two dogs names were going to be, the big ones name was Maks and the ones name is Maskwa and the dog s loved their names.
January 27, 2012 my birthday, woke up and made myself a cup of coffee, then watched music videos. Had lunch, cleaned up and put the dogs outside then, went on with other stuff like work. Almost 4:00 and my sisters came home from school. My dogs were playing in the woods… the truck is coming and the dogs are running after it! Whimpering gasping noises! Everyone crowds around a small figure in the snow. I walk over and see my dog lying in the snow taken his last breath and then silence after that. It was terrifying I did not go to school the other day. I was so emotional and did not want to show other people because the dog I loved, and still was a baby, he was not 1 years old yet. I will always remember you Muskwa.

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