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Part 2 Wolfy and Tigger

Posted over 3 years by yaverleaf11

Wolfy opened his eyes. Another pair of eyes appeared to be staring back at him. Wolfy got up immediately and said, "Back off! I know karate!!" The eyes belonged to Tigger. Tigger backed away and said, "I"m sorry, I just saw you and then you woke up and then you know karate and I didn't want to hurt you." Wolfy sat down. "I got blown away by the snowstorm. I need to find my mom." Wolfy got up and began walking away. "Where are you going?" Tigger asked. "To go find my mom. What did I just say?" Wolfy replied. Tigger thought. "I'm lost, maybe we could find our moms together!" Wolfy turned around. "Please, a wolf and a tiger together?" Tigger replied. "Your name means a wolf." Wolfy snapped back. "Your name means a tiger!!!" Tigger replied saying, "Then we can partner up, no?" Wolfy asked, "What are you, british?" Wolfy yelled back. "No, I'm smart. So I can actually think and do smart things, unlike some people." Tigger growled at him, "I'm not the one stupid enough to get blown away by some stupid storm!" Wolfy snarled back. "I'm not the one stupid enough to get lost in a stupid storm!!!" They suddenly stopped and realized that they were both lost in the same storm at the same time. Wolfy said quietly to Tigger, "Come along." Then there was a start to a big, deep friendship. (Part 3 coming in 20 minutes!)


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