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A supernatural Spring Break

Posted about about 5 years by babyg19952_2420208

Timothy and Roger 5 and 10 brothers and son’s of Roger and Karrie where at a friend’s house in the middle of town over their spring vacation. Their Mom stayed at home to work on her job. Karrie’s job was hunting supernatural things. The boy’s Dad was helping a friend with the same thing. Eight o’ clock rolled around and the boys were back at home. When they walked inside their mom had diner waiting on them and they ate and went to bed. Their mom went to her room to lie down while waiting on Robert to come in. A few minutes after lying down she heard something in Timothy’s room and saw a yellow eyed demon (Real Name Azazel) at his crib when he was a baby feeding him his own blood. The boy’s mom (Karrie Campbell) walks in on him the yellow eyed demon (Azazel) used his telekinesis power and made her fly up the wall to the ceiling and he burned her alive.
During midst of this their dad came running through the door as the house was on fire to save his wife and kids. He ran to Timothy’s room to get him first and saw his wife on the ceiling burning and took timothy to roger and had roger Tim’s older brother take him through the fire to outside. While their dad was still inside he looked for the spirit and when spirit would go from one side of the room to another and vanished. Their vacation soon ended in question with no answers.

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