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The Oreo Eater (1D fan fiction)part five

Posted about over 5 years by Punkybeans

hi ppl! well I know I always do a rant about the story before it but.... I HAVE to. anyway! on with zeh story!!

OMG!!! he winked at me!! ugh. total fangirl moment. I showed them where they would be sleeping and then we went to macca's (McDonald's). I got 2 large Shake's one large fry 3 deluxe hamburgers and one sundae. and I still came out skinny.

after macca's we went home and settled down on the couch and watched scre4m. BEST MOVIE EVER!!! the boys ESPECIALLY Niall were scared. I've seen that movie tons of times so I got used to it. "HOW ARE YOU NOT AFFECTED?!?!?!?!?" Zaynie screamed. "I have seen it before" I shrugged. "ok! time for bed!!" daddy direction said. "aww!! but wwwhhhyyy??" I whined. "it's 12:00am!!" dang clock. we all grumbled "ok ok " " yeah alright" "wanna join me anna?" "my hair!" and "carrots!" that was Louis. I yelled "GOODNIGHT!!!!" they all yelled goodnight and I went to bed.

* next morning*

I woke up to five feet jumping on MY bed. "shut up before kill you all!!" then somebody jumped, yes jumped, on me. "LOUIS!!!! I KINDA NEED TO BREATHE!!!" he gasped and fell off me as I kicked him. I got up and started getting REALLY MAD. they destroyed my house!!! "UGH!!! you guys clean this up right now!!" "wow. angry Anna is worse than angry Liam!" Niall said. "you bet your arse i'm worse!!!" I yelled.

"don't kill me!!" zany said. "I won't kill you..." I said in a sweet sickly tone. "go make me breakfast, NOW!!" I said as they all ran into the kitchen faster than a cheetah. wow.

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