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jc's midwinter heartbreak.

Posted about over 5 years by SummerStay_2297037

i'm the type of kid that everyone likes to walk all over. i got used to the names, looks, snickers, whatever. but one time i couldn't take it and i fought this kid in school. i got suspended for a week and after i came back, people respected me, and it was the first time i ever felt part of the crowd. k. so among these people, was a boy named John. he was out, bu somehow people liked him and didn't give him a hard time. anyways, we became very close in a short period of time, until the beautiful December morning he asked me to be his. I WAS SO HAPPY. finally, i thought. things do get better. But I committed the most tragic flaw known to man, i lost touch of who i was, and became someone else just cause i was a little popular. my 2 only real friends noticed and we drifted, me and john drifted as well. but this issue finally reached its breaking point 2 days before my 15th birthday. after being convinced by this kid named Roger, i invited everyone i knee at school to my house for a party. biggest mistake ever. these kids ended up bringing POTs & pans. & âłçöhöłíč beverages. & what do i do? i took both. numerous typical teenager cliqúes later & my parents found the house like a hurricane had hit it. let's just say the reprocutions were well deserved. over the next few days, i tried apologising to my friends but nothing worked, until only one worked out. then i was convinced that John was gonna dump me, so before he could dump me, i dumped him. and it turns out he wasn't gonna dump me! but guess what!? now he won't return my calls or anything, he can't even hear my voice. now i have 1 friend. i'm right back where i started from.

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