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Harry styles

Posted about about 5 years by Shawty23

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A Bit of Love Hate (One Direction / Harry Styles)

*** Adrian's POV***

I pulled out yet another one of Chelsea’s bras and tossed it in the large suitcase. Only a few days ago she had been on her first date with Harry and according to her he hadn’t tried any funny business. But now that they were going on a small trip together… I grinned thinking of all the juicy details I would pull out of her when she got back.

“Don’t you think this suitcase is a little big?” Chelsea walked into the room and interrupted my thoughts. “I’m going to his family’s bungalow for two days!”  I didn’t even turn to look at her and continued packing.

“I’m hardly putting in the minimum!” I told her as I folded a red shirt and placed it in the bag. “You have to be ready for anything!” I could almost hear her roll her eyes at me but she restrained from commenting.

She had been in such a good mood these past few days and I knew perfectly well that it was because she had finally admitted her feelings for Harry and everything had turned out perfectly. I was happy for her. I didn’t think this summer could go so well. I remembered how it had started after the end of the last year of high school, after her boyfriend had dumped her and after our friends had left the country. I was convinced she would be moody and this summer would be a sad one, it just couldn’t go any different. But it did. Harry came along and although she had certainly been moody a lot these past two months she was happy and our summer had been enjoyable.

I heard the doorbell ring and knew Harry had arrived to collect her. I zipped the bag close and picked it off the floor as Chelsea ran off to open the door. “Hello!” I said coming up behind her and handing her the suitcase which he took from her immediately. What a gentleman. “You guys have fun!” I told them winking at Harry.

“We will!” He answered taking her hand and dragging her out.As I shut the door I promised I wouldn’t call her at all, just to make sure I didn’t end up interrupting anything…

***Chelsea’s POV***

As I sat on the passenger’s seat I felt a little nervous. I was going away with Harry for two days and we had just started dating. It probably wasn’t such a good idea. But I knew it was necessary as he was leaving for the tour very soon and I was starting University. We didn’t know how we were going to handle it, so he had suggested we got away for a little while and discussed it afterwards.

“It’s a bit of a long drive.” Harry brought me out of my thoughts as he sat behind the wheel and shut the door. “But it’s not too bad.”

I turned to look at him. “You better drive well. I get car sick very easily.” I warned.

He looked insulted and poked me in the ribs. “I always drive well!”


Harry did not drive well. During the car ride I asked him to pull up three times so I could take a breath of air and try to hold my stomach and its contents together. But he made up for it as each time he stepped out with me and hugged me, rubbing circles on my back. I was seeing more and more of hissweet side and I still had a hard time believing that he could be both such a player and a sweet caring boy. Not that I was complaining…

However we soon arrived at the bungalow and the torturous ride was over. I stepped out of the car, silently thanking god that I hadn’t died on the way here, and headed to the back of it to take out my suitcase. “Let me take that.” Harry took the bag from me with the hand he wasn’t using to hold his own and made his way to the house.

“Thanks.” I muttered as I followed him towards the front door. I was getting more and more convinced that this was a bad idea. Me and Harry always argued and even if we didn’t this would be awkward. I thought of my choices and decided I needed to stop worrying, because I just wasn’t ready foranother car ride with Harry so the only option I had was to stay and go with it.

“Come on in!” Harry exclaimed as he opened the door and dumped the suitcases on the floor of a very pretty living room. I stepped into the house and looked around as Harry closed the door behind us. Much of the walls and ceilings were made of wood. Two cream colored sofas, a smaller one and a slightly larger one, were sat next to each other in the middle of the floor that a creamy carpet covered almost completely. The room was very well furnished and it gave a warm home-y feeling. However I noticed that there weren’t really many family pictures, except for two on a small table. Probably because this is his step-father’s house, I guessed. “Like it?” Harry

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