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Why judge people?

Posted about about 5 years by EVER!_2429862

Hi! Today you will be reading " Why judge people" hope u like it!!!

Why judge people? This is a question I wonder everyday. Does it matter if you are black? no. Lesbian? no. Gay? no. Boy? no. Girl? no. Nerd? no. Addicted to something like books or pokemon or etc? no. Indian? no. It doesn't matter how you look like or where you are from. People should STOP being racist. All which matters is whats on the inside. You can look cool and cute on the outside but be very nasty on the inside. And one more thing, gossip. Why talk about people behind their back? why say things like "did you see her ugly outfit" or "look at his baggy jeans. They are like so out of fashion". If you are one of these people, then I warn you, STOP!!! Their is no reason to be mean. I mean as a result all you get are people saying that you are a bully or mean. There are NO possitive results. So, why judge people? somebody might not look all that but deep inside as a person, they are your true friend being there always for you. So, STOP JUDGING PEOPLE!!!!!!!

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