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Posted about about 5 years by youonlyloveonce

It started way back in 93' when a vampire wearwolf had a crush on a cute wizard their were Nathan, Patrick, and Yasmin. The wearwolf played football, guitar, and works for ironworkers local #53 and he rides a motorcycle, and is a staff in the ironworkers motorcycle club. And the vampire plays checkers, chess, bubble bash, connect 4, connect the dots, and he works for MCDolnalds he's a chef. And
Yasmin plays volleyball, and works as a doctor at Creighton medical and makes $20 an hour. Now
thats impressive for a 17 year old teenager. And the funny thing is Yasmin is kind of like a tom-boy though her name sounds more like a girl name than a tom-boy name. So they all hang out together and the wearwolf and the vampire both have a crush on the wizard and the wizard has a crush on the
wearwolf so one day the vamire asks her out on a date and she rejects him. And like a week later he aks her out again and she rejects him again. And like two weeks later the wearwolf asks her out and she says, "yes please Nathan has already asksed me out 2 times." "And i rejected him both times!" And he says back, "Okay, okay just calm down for one i'm the one who told him to so dont get mad at him get mad at me." And she says, "But there's no way to get mad at you because your the most hansom man i've ever seen on planet Earth." And he says, "Why thank you but seriously stay on topic." And she says, "Okay, fine."

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