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Posted about about 5 years by love1D1312_2440577

Okay you may know of 1D well this is like a fanfic of them so here i go

Zayn pov

I was with the boy's when I decided to go to the game store I was bored of my old video game's. So i went in the store and then the door closed I was locked in. I tried to get out in so many way's it is ridiculous. I mean I could have followed 100098 people is how long i was trying to get out of this room i finely just gave up.

liam pov

I think we should go see if Zayn is okay you with me mate's? yep we should. the guy's say and we start to walk to the game store.

zayn: i'm dying i cant breathe right for some reason and I need water soon.

louis pov

There is the game store we go to it see the door is closed and see Zayn in there on the ground we get the door open and run to him. Zayn what happened are you okay?

zayn pov

yes i'm fine know let's go get something to eat and drink STAT. we eat and i'm fine.

the end

not very good was it well i just made something up on the spot so ya sorry

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