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The Funny Little Dragon

Posted about about 5 years by The Devil in your pocket_2280470

Once upon a time, there lived a dragon named Peter. Peter was a sad dragon because none of the other little dragons wanted to play with him. So one day Peter set out to find a friend to play with. Peter said to him self "I hope this friend im out to look for will want to play with me." Soon Peter found himself in danger because he was entering the evil wizard dragons territory. Now the wizard was no ordinary wizard, this wizard was like superman and the joker mixed together, he could change a dragon into a lizard. Peter soon heard the wizard casting spells and Peter knew he was in danger. After he found the he was in trouble he tried to rush out of the wizard territory. What Peter didn't know was that the wizard already knew he was there. Peter hurried to find the exit but got locked in the castle. The evil wizard came out to see Peter. When Peter saw the evil wizard he thought his life was over. The evil wizard soon said "what do you seek little dragon?" Peter then said "I seek out a friend." Then the wizard said "I'll be your friend" After the fact they became happy friends and the Evil wizard soon became the good wizard and they helped people when it came to not having friend.

The End

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