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IcelandXReader *Valentines* (Hetalia)

Posted about about 5 years by Animefreak X3_2372421

(random pic XD)
You were at school reading a quite lovely book but then heard Iceland chatting with Norway across the from the library. You saw Iceland blushing witch is quite cute to you. You were thinking why is he blushing? You were thinking of going to see what is happening. Would you dare not minding your business? But instead you got out of chair and walked to get another book even though they did not see you. You Warren't really listening really just being normal. But then you started getting your book and said "Hey Guys how have you been?" Yelling even if your in the library. They saw you and Iceland while trying not to blush saw you and said "Hi _____ sorry we were bothering you." He said in his normal voice all back to normal. "Hey ____ how were you? We were just talking about you" Said Norway pushing Iceland to you. "Hey, S-stop that!" Said Iceland getting all embarrassed but then he fall and tripped and landed on you. The fall made a big crowd come up and it made you feel uneasy... "I-I AM SO SORRY ____!" Said Iceland all embarrassed and then went up real quick. (Stop staring! What? He just tripped! Go away! You said getting up and looking at Norway in tears fora quick sec. and ran off to the girls bathroom. " S-sorry Iceland..." Said Norway trying to grab Iceland's hand but he backed away. "No...your not sorry... all you do is make me feel uneasy. You never get over it....*started crying*No... your not my brother you are just a Meany!!" Said Iceland running away still crying. That was the first time Iceland actually cried in front of Norway! Norway was in shocked. He kind of felt bad. But then saw Finland looking around while the crowd grew smaller one by one. Great. Norway what a nice crowd you got here?" Said SFinland walking while the crowd disappeared in disappointment. "I did not mean for him to fall!" Said Norway acting so unlike himself. "Maybe you should talk to him?" Said Finland trying to call him down. "I-I don't think it's worth it... He already hates me! Did you not see him CRYING!" Said Norway also flowing to tears.
[Norway_full_739512] "Well maybe you should give it a try? I thought you want a brother....?" Said Finland. "I do but.. He might not!" Said Norway. "Plus it's like ______ could forgive me either! We were best friends till this happened!...good friends.." Said Norway going down to the floor and just realized maybe he can give it a shot? "So did you figure out?" Said Finland"Yeah maybe I should talk to him at least.I mean he did't say he hates me yet. I maybe I should try?" Said Norway back to normal. "Now here, go wipe your tears. You don't want him to see you crying." Said Sweden giving Norway a napkin. "Now go before it's to late!" Said Sweden helping Norway to stand up. "Thank you Sweden... I owe you~" Said Norway running to find Iceland.

~Back to you in the bathroom~

You were sitting there in a cell crying your eyes out. (what have I done?) You had this fear or embarrassment in your mind.
[CryingGirl] You were so sad someone heard you from the bathroom. "Um are you okay in there?" Said the nice girl. "*sniff* Y-yes i-i'm okay..." You said trying to stop crying. " I don't think you are do you mind showing me your face? I want to help you." Said the girl right in front of the cell. You opened it and saw Hungary looking at you worriedly." Oh ______ it was you I could have known... are you sure your alright?" Said Hungary hugging you to make you feel better. b"Y-yes i'm alright I was just a little disappointed...." You said trying to wipe your tears. "hey, what were both good friends. Friends tel each others problems and help them out." Said Hungary holding your hand. You told her everything. It made made you feel better telling at least one of your friends what have happened. You got up and smile but still tears in your eyes. " Thank you.. Hungary." You hugged her and came out of the bathroom back and refreshed.

Italy and Norway (Right now Norway is telling what happened)~

I was walking to look for Iceland. And I saw Iceland laying on the bench crying. He was crying so hard he made a puddle between his legs. I went to sit next to him on the bench right near him. He scooted a little while still crying.[Axis_Powers-_Hetalia_full_694286]
I wanted to help him, But he started talking. "T-that was mean you know. Pushing me forcefully! T-that was mean! Your lucky I am talking to you right now!" Said my brother Iceland. I feel terribly for him... I hope we all can make up somehow..from my stupidity. "I-i'm so sorry Iceland very sorry..." I said even though I know he won't forgive with just words. "Yeah well you should be. I bet my first crush now hates me! THANK'S TO YOU!" Said Iceland turning to mad instead of sad. "Look if there is anything for me too make you forgive please I'll do anything!" I said thinking that this wasn't gonna be good..." Okay I got one.. STAY OUT OF MY LOVE LIFE!!!" Said Iceland Standing out of his chair but still crying. "That's a-all I ask... please just s-stay out of it.....please..." I heard him begging like a dog getting a bone while on the floor begging. I am surprised that he's still crying too. " Okay.. if that's what you want I will" I said " Here Finland gave me an extra napkin for you to wipe your tears. After you calmed down we can go talk to ______ , when she calms down" I said Giving him the dry soft napkin from Finland. "T-thanks, Now I feel a little better let's go chat with _____." Said Iceland finally happy.

~Time skip (Back to yourself)~

Finally a week past and it was finally Valentines day! You wanted to make. You bought all the ingredients to make the chocolate for your friends. But then You saw that there was extra chocolate a big piece in the bowl. You were thinking of giving it to Iceland. And you did. You wrapped them up with a beautiful glittery ribbon with a box. Written with everyone's name one by one. After that you got ready and went to go back to school.

~At School~

"Oh ____ your here! Happy Valentines day!" Said Denmark running to you. "Happy Valentines day. Here this is for you. I thank you for the hard work on helping me out with the test!" You said Giving Denmark the present. "Oh, your welcome. Here this is from me!" He said handing you a chocolate. "Oh t-thank you Denmark! Say have you seen Hungary?" You said all happy with a bright mood. "Oh yes she's right in her club!" Said Denmark. "Oh thank's a bunch!" You said running to go all the way to Hungary. "Hey Hungary this is a thank you gift from me!" You said Giving her a chocolate. " Thank you, and your welcome" Said Hungary. "Say have you seen Norway and Finland?" You said. "Yes I have they were looking for you I supposed.I think they went in the Science club." She said. "Okay thank you! I have to go now bye chat later!" You said running off to the Science club.

~In science club~

"Hey _____! So how are you?" Said Finland running up to you while Norway walking after Finland. "Oh hey guys I wanted to give you something! Here~" You said while giving them fresh chocolate you made also. "Wow thanks a bunch!" Said Finland getting out his bag. "Here I wanna give this to you too." Said Finland handing you also a chocolate too. "Thank you Finland! Oh here's one for you too Norway!" You said handing him a chocolate."Okay I have to find Iceland right now so you soon!~" You said while running to find Iceland.

~when you found Iceland~

"H-hey Iceland...I-i made this for you..." You said blushing handing him a big chocolate bar. "T-thank you ___ H-here's mine..." He siad blushing then kissed you on the cheek. After that you guys have been dating and lived happy!

~the end~

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