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The Magnification

Posted about about 5 years by tbug01

I do not teach that men go to heaven when they die
I teach the word of my God and my God does not lie
we read of a judgement day
we teach there will be a resurrection
I know you marvel at this
you even marvel at clear instruction
was Adam not created from the dust of the earth?
can God not re-create you from dirt?
what is the inheritance of the meek?
can you see now the truth that I speak
or is it really truth that you seek
The Kingdom of Heaven is beneath your feet
how be it in turmoil
God created heaven and earth
light, the expansion, life, water, and soil
how will you find your soul if you can not believe this
the souls of the dead will rise up in our midst
the Word says that the ocean will give up her dead
I believe what I read and then I said,
"What about the earth, and the sky, and the ashes?"
The reply,"even the heavens themselves"
the discriminating congregation asks with sarcastic laughs
"how old do you think we will be?"
and I say you do err, you will be as the angels
gift of flesh and you will be responsible for the soul you are given
take heed to whom ye listen
Take good care of the soul you dwell in
death and we still cannot learn our lesson
repent lament and cry
for lazarus was raised from the dead
then once more he died
Our Lord loved him dear
still you have no fear
relatives and Jesus said
follow me and let the dead bury the dead
the man left there weeping
I say truly the reaper is reaping
some times I feel my words the cutting edge
pray you are cut on the back stroke
for few there are that find the Kingdom of Heaven
a few and creation is not a failure
consider this
with diligence, labor, and fervor
we unlock creations treasures
after the end of the world
think there will be no man to tend the earth?
who will polish her gems
who will heard her cattle
who will keep her sabbaths
for what purpose will she exist?
I know all is vanity
still, who would dispose of gem such as this
who? who? and we do
I think we may yet see
another Adam and Eve
and if you truly believe
you might see ten thousand Ables bleed
can you feel the need
galaxies of worlds to feed the bread of life
we must help them discern the day from the night
discern darkness from light
and can you understand
who will guide these men
we must help them to see
truth is Gods reality
the living dead entertain lust and greed
what kind of angel would you be
commandments from God we need
Love we need to teach
for when words and attitudes become full of hate
selfishness for morals and what is the fate
and at what point is it just to late
only Noah and his family where saved
a world baptized by a watery grave
few truly believe in his name
if they did they would keep his word
starve death within and labor towards rebirth
the machines we create they serve us
those that do not we dispose of
our creator will do what he will do
and what do you think he will do with you
he suffers us at the rate of one day at a time
it's a beautiful day rain or shine
and did you give thought of his presence
know that every day is a present
faith is the art of believing
the devils work to stroll about deceiving
who is the head of your temple
tell me where do angels seek refuge
may there whispers strengthen the fortress
and may their fortress live within you
walk cautiously towards the light
while you are still alive
treasure the truths you find
polish them within your mind
truth is as the seeds of the tree of life
nourish them and in time you will eat them
and how can those who eat their fruit possibly die
cast your seeds to the wind
those that fall on good ground will multiply
thus the good and faithful servant
so multiply lest that which was given will be taken away
and that which is given is life himself
so repent for life is that which sin has permission to take
without forgiveness none would be saved save the King
Glory to Jesus the King Of Life
Glory to Jesus our savior, our King, Our Christ

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