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A fox hunt

Posted about almost 5 years by isisash121

As she runs
In the meadow
She hears the
Thunder of the
Horses hooves
She hears men yelling
“ get that fox”
She knows she going
To die
She hears
Two gun shots
But they hit
A tree
She hears
The dogs
She finds bushes
To hide in
She hears two
More gun shots
That almost
Hit her but
They hit a tree
She jumps on the bushes
But the dogs have her
Scent and they find her
She’s frozen with fear
But she runs
She hears the thunder
Of the horses hooves
She feels rain hitting
Her head
There’s a streak of
Lighting across the sky
And a loud clap of thunder
And another gun shot
It hits
She felt her self
Fall to the ground
By then it was
Poring out
She laid in a field
She heard
The men say “ we got her”
But to her surprise
One man said “ why do you only kill them for fun?”
And she felt the man pick
Her up and bring her
Somewhere and she woke
In a different place than before
With other foxes
And there in the animal
Reserve she stayed
Until she died

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