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Still will Rise

Posted about about 5 years by Heartbreaker226_2455018

Full life ahead of me
To get to where i need to be
you may enter my sleep and hate my dreams
Threaten my early mornings ease
but my mind keeps me wondering about who i
really am
Is life really about the fame and the glam ?
Or is it much more from the soul within
Is life a game no one can win ?
I may cry but i must try
I will rise i will not fall
You may not understand me at all
But when the sun rises i am the time
When children sing i am the rhyme
Cause life didn't come with instructions
all my hard work building up you can a call it
Did u want to hear my cries ?
Head bowed and sad empty eyes?
Speechless hanging all alone
hear the ringing but wont touch the phone ?
Sorry if i offended you
but don't you see the clue
You may stab me with your words
you may cut me with your eyes
You may kill my reputation
But still like air I'll rise.

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