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There's A Monster In My Bathtub

Posted about about 5 years by daddys baby angel

One bright and sunny morning of the summer 2011, I was hanging out with some friends at the pool. We were laughing, swimming ,and having fun. I'm staying the night with Alexis. She is very shy until you get to met her.

The next three days I have been with Alexis because my mom was out of town and didn't trust to be home alone. That night my mom was back so i had to go home. I was upset because next month school started.
( the next month )

''Hey Alexis!'' I said. ''Hey!'' she said. ''What's up??'' '' About to go to math class. You ??'' ''About to go to Spanish class" "Okay. See you after class." she said. "Okay"

"Hey" i said "Hey" "What's up? "Nothin"
"I am going to lunch with Martin. Do you wanna go??" "Sure" Alexis said.

( that night )

After dinner i went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I went to watch t.v while i brush my teeth. After two minutes I went back to the bathroom to spit and i look in the mirror and saw a three eyed green monster
" HELP!!!!!! " i screamed to the top of my lungs. My mom came running in. " What happened ?!?!??!? " THERE'S A MONSTER IN THE BATHTUB! " my mom tured around and there was nothing in the bathtub " Sweety. There is nothin there " i tured around rubed my eyes and looked and there was nothin there. After that i went up stairs and went to bed.

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