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A normal weekend for the Stanleigh's

Posted about about 5 years by rocksysocksy456

Ok so this weekend a NORMAL process for my family. Well to us it’s normal! On Saturday I go to Hebrew school where we learn (boring), then we go outside, and then we learn some more, then we go home for lunch (Hebrew school is only in the morning). At lunch we go out while we eat dad makes strange but funny jokes (yes he is a whackadoo). After lunch we go home then when we go home I watch TV for the afternoon. 3 hours later of watching TV my dad says do something active so I turn of the TV then up to my room turn on my music then read. On Sunday we sleep in go to my Nani and Nana”s house(Nani: grandma Nana: grandpa). We eat we laugh and be weird.
Ok so maybe my weekends are normal.

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