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Hotel of the dead

Posted about about 5 years by No_Worries_3825

It was the month of november where we had planned to go across the country to this abandoned town named xiklia because my brother was currently working for the paranormal dectectors but because he was only 16 he had to be accompanied by a adult and he couldnt be accompanied by his coworkers because they were too scared to go because of a incident with one of the other coworkers who died in that town. My brother wasnt scared at all at this mostly because of our older sister who was possesed by a demon. She had died in a car accident and a demon took control of her body. Thats not all why hes not scared its because our father abused us so we have to live with our mother now but were cool with that. Riding in the car with my brother was like being sufffocated becuase he kept talking about how hes not scared and everything. We finally got there and it was creepy. The story goes that a young girl killed everybody in the town in 1898 and all the souls when to a inn there. We saw the inn which looked like a wooden hospital. We went inside and looked around. This is where we had to stay. We picked a room on the third floor that had 3 tiny beds in there. They were hard and they made my back hurt. On the first night nothing happened but on the second night.
Jase wanted to go explore the inn with me while our younger brother stayed with mom. Me being dumb said yes. We went and found a skeleton of a sleeping girl and the skeleton of a rat. I stood against a wall and it fell back into a secret room. Inside there were chains where people beat each other and skeletons. Lots and lots of them. I ran out and layed down. I drifted into sleep. I woke up and it was like 7 pm. Thats where we made our mistake. Being there. We moved rooms but our new rooms were close to the secret room. Later that night we heard chains rattling and bones cracking. They were coming to life. Skin was growing back everything happened. But there was one thing. The young girl came too and ripped my younger brother to pieces. My mother had a heart attack. My older brother tried to be brave and save my younger brother but he died too. But me. I lived. She became a part of me. Now, I must kill everyone.

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