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Hey, we all have issues at school, right? ESPECIALLY with other KIDS! Bullying is a nationwide problem that, even though it's been recognized, needs to be addressed! School S.R.P staff members are there not only to control the clamor in a cafeteria, but they also need to help prevent bullying! When a student comes up to an S.R.P staff member with a problem, they expect help. Do they get it? NO! I know from experience that even when a problem is brought up to a staff member, the don't do squat!

I was once told that a bus driver's job is only to pick up and drop off students. WRONG. Bus drivers need to address an issue on the bus before it becomes a major problem. If you heard about the girl who got beaten on the bus, you probably know that about 7 seconds isn't enough to park a bus. But did the driver even attempt to stop the fight? Nope. Bystanders need to learn when to speak up when there is an issue, and ALL staff need to actually do something about bullying in school.

With the school year coming to a close, the last thing kids wanna hear is that a staff member cannot help them.

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