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GEMs: A Soul Eater FanFiction: Prolouge

Posted over 4 years by Werewolf00_2463900

[Betsy Walker]
[Celestine Dugeara]



I spat on the interviewer. “I’ll never tell you bastards anything!” I shouted with a indignant tone. “All we want to know is what you and your friends are! We aren’t going to do anything with that information! We promise!” He pleaded with me. “Hell no. I’ve learned never to trust a promise made by fools, bastards, or bullies. You are all three.” I laughed at my wit. “You’re hopeless! Your friends will tell us, I promise you Jade! Not a single one of you will be able to hold out for long!” He turned to leave the room. “Hey, you don’t know my friends!” I wriggled in my restraints enough to pull my hand up and flip him off. He left the room, full of anger. I laughed maniacally before I thought out towards my friends.

How are you all doing? I asked through our mind-speech. Fine, Jade. This interviewer is taking the nice guy approach. I’m about ready to rip out his sugar coated throat. But I haven’t said a word about anything. Amethyst replied back. Nice, Amy. Emerald? I asked, think toward Emmy. All’s well. He’s acting like he wants to beat the shit out of me. I’m just sitting here thinking ‘wow this guy is dumb he couldn’t hit me if my face was right in front of his fist!’ She replied. Good, all my girls are doing fine. High five to both of you. Now, boys. Sid? I thought to them. He’s just pacing around like a dumbass. He thinks I’ll say something if he says nothing. He’s an utter dumbass. He laughed through his mind reply. Hold out Obsidian, don’t let him get to you. Ruby? I asked towards my final friend. Jade, I’ve told you a million times to call me Red. Ruby is a girl’s name. He sighed mid thought. But it’s my name. So please call me Red, damn it! I laughed into my thoughts a little before replying. Alright, Red. So how are you doing with your interviewer? I added a tone of seriousness to my last sentence. He left after I told him that I’d rather fuck him than tell him anything. So, I think I’m fine. He laughed this time. Alright, nice job dude! I’m doing good too, I spat on mine and flipped him off. Everyone laughed at that. Well, ttyl, everyone. Stay strong! I said, as I closed off my thoughts.

Ok, so to explain this all a little. We are GEMs. Genetically Engineered Mutants. These guys showed up at our house a few days ago, demanding we tell them what we were. The problem is, other than being GEMs, we really don’t know. We look completely human. We haven’t had anything like wings or gills or any other animal feature appear on our bodies. We just have become very strong, fast, and, oh yeah, we have the ability to speak to each other through our minds. And we all aren’t even in high school yet! So, we aren’t exactly typical tweens. At all. But until these guys came around, life hadn’t had any rough spots. We’d grown up together. We survived thanks to each other. Now, we were being interrogated by a bunch of idiots. It was a big change from ‘normal’ everyday life. But, we had grown strong over years of making sure that no one knew who, what, or where we were. Which made the whole situation even stranger: how did these guys know what no one else in the world (but us) did?


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