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GEMs: A Soul Eater FanFiction: Chapter 1: A Friend On The Inside

Posted about about 5 years by Werewolf00_2463900

[Chapter 1: A Friend On The Inside]

I sat, in that cold room, for hours. I talked back and forth with my companions, and the same thing went on with them, they were leaving us alone. Figuring they’d let our nerves steam. Right...

So we went on, sitting there, twiddling our thumbs, humming, etc. B.....O.....R......E.....D. Until finally one of them walked in on me. He was dressed in a whitecoat, draping to the floor. Light shone brightly off his glasses, leaving his eyes unseen. A cigarette stuck out of his mouth, and his hands stayed in his pocket as he slowly came toward me, pulled out the chair, and sat down.

“So, you’re the quote unquote leader of this little entourage.” He puffed smoke from his cigarette. “Impressive.” I snorted. “Who are you, might I ask?” He pulled his cigarette from his mouth once more. “Me? Well, my name is Dr. Michael Russell. You can call me Dr. Mike, if it suits you.” His tone was unsettling, strange. I looked away from his shiny eyes. “I’ll just call you Russell, if you can deal with that.” “Never mind names, as long as we are aquatinted, Jade, I’d like to ask a few questions.” I stared him in the eyes again, this time seeing a glimpse of one of his actual eyes. “Try me, you won’t get answers, none.” He leaned closer to me, putting his elbows on the table and lowering his voice to a whisper. “Well, nonetheless, how’s this question: what do you say to getting out of here?”

I blinked, then chuckled, replying with a whisper. “I knew I knew that voice. It’s been a long time, Jason.” I reached out and punched him on the arm in trust, followed by his punch back, and a whisper from him.“Shh, don’t call me that here. As far as you are concerned, I am not Jason Albearn. I am Dr. Michael Russell. “Right.”I whispered. “I’d say that you were a stupid liar, Dr. Michael Russell.” He sighed, acting out his part. “Hmph. Come with me, Jade Aslean. We’ll see what your friends have been up to this whole time.” He motioned for the door, and with a punch of a code into a pad, I was out of the dark room, and into a hallway that stunk of antiseptics. I covered my mouth, and wanted to shrink and slink away as all the people stared at me.

I was led into Amy’s room first. She stood up. “Jade. Why did he bring you here?” She said, pointing at Jason, ahem, Michael. “Amethyst. This is Michael.” I sent out the rest of my explanation in our mind speech. That’s his name here, Dr. Michael Russell. His real name is Jason Albearn. He’s an old friend of mine, from when I was alone, before I found you guys. He’s here to get us out. She nodded, and I sent out the same message to the rest of my friends. They understood, and it would save time. “Come with me.” He said, leading the both of us out, and into the other three rooms. The last was Ruby, I mean Red’s room, we all were there together then. His room was very close to the doors. We’d be getting out from here.

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