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Before the fame *raura* S1 Ep7

Posted about almost 5 years by snowflakegirlz

*Laura is sitting in her room On facebook when she updates her status*
*knock knock*
Laura- Come in!
Ross- *opens door and comes in* Hey babe.
Laura- Hey Ross! *Closes her laptop and sets it aside* What's up?
Ross- Nothing *sits on her bed and kisses her*
Laura- *kisses him back*
Molly- *opens the door* Hi!
Molly looks like this copy and paste it in a new tab: httpFrustrated/
-End of B.T.W-
Laura- Molly!!! You little snoop!
Molly- Who me?
Laura- Yes you!
Molly- *walks over to them* Couldn't be!
Ross- Molly, we dont have time to see who stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
Laura- Ross. It's always her.
Molly- No its not
Ross- Fine! Then we'll have to tickle it out of you! *picks her up and lays her on the bed* Attack Laura!
Laura- Yes commander *tickles Molly*
Molly- *laughing* Ok! Ok! It was me!!!
Ross and Laura- Aha!!!
Molly- Am I in trouble?
Laura- We just tickled you! Do you think youre in trouble?
Molly- *smiles and shakes her head*
Laura- Ok. But no more sneaking cookies!
Molly- Ok! *kisses Laura's cheek and hugs Ross then goes to her room*
Ross- *puts his arm around Laura* You'd make a great mother someday
Laura- And you'd make a great dad. Wanna invite a couple people and go to the beech tonight?
Ross- Yeah! If I get to watch you change!
Laura- No... smile
Ross- Aww! But I'm still gonna go! And I'm kind of hungry.
Laura- Me too! Stay right here, I'll be right back (stands up and starts to walk out)
Ross- wait! *grabs her arm stands up ans starts to make out with her*
*Laura raps her arms around his neck*
*Ross raps his arms around her waist*
???- *walks in* ahem *does a are you kidding me look mixed with a seriously look*
Ross and Laura- *pull apart*

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