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The Lost Stone, Chapter 1

Posted about about 5 years by TateOneil

The fall leaves crunched beneath my bare feet as I ran through the forest. Tripping over tree stumps and rocks I made my way to the clearing, clutching the black iridescent stone in my tight fist. The trees sway in the strong wind that blows my dark brown hair around my shoulders. I make my way fiercely across the field, knowing that at any moment the dogs could burst out of the trees circling me and destroy me in a second. I have to finish the job, the mission I was given in order to save Earth. I start digging a hole, one deep enough to hide the magical and priceless stone in my hand. When I hear the dogs barking I dig faster until I've made a 2ft deep hole. I'm moving quickly and before I know it the stone is in the hole and the soil is topped over. I pluck some weeds from the ground and stab them into the soil to make it look like it's been undisturbed and run to the other side of the field when the job is done. Just as I've run about a hundred feet I see the dogs come pouring out of the forest. My job is done and I'm ready now. I'm ready to move on.

to be continued.......

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