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Fun Things To Do When Your Bored

Posted about almost 5 years by Bella188

1. make a flower pen
all you'll need is some pens,
green tape and some fake flowers

what you'll need to do is wrap the the tape around the pen. But before you wrap the tape around you'll need to put the the flower at the tip of the pen then you wrap the tape arounf the flower to have it sticking to the top of the pen!!!

2. Build a fort
all you'll need is some blankets
and something to keep the blankets up
for example: chairs, tables, desks, books, ect.

what you'll need to do is just to toss the blanket over some chairs and wah-la you got yourself a fort now you can decorate it any way you want inside or out!!!

3. make icecream
what you'll need is some milk, vanilla extract (1 tbs), one big ziplock bag, two small ziplock bag, salt, ice, sugar (2 tbs)

okay so you'll be taking the big ziplock bag and putting ice in it after thats done put a lot of salt. Then with the small ziplock bag put the milk, vanilla extract and sugar in the bag then you'll close the small ziplock with all the ingredients in it then put it in the other small bag making sure theres no air in either small bag then put the small bags into the salt ice bag and shake it for about 10-20 min or until substanace is thick. You may use any flavoring for the icecream. After it is thick you may take the substance and pour it into a bowl and if wanted you may use toppings and then Enjoy it!!!

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