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A Trip Like No Other!!!

Posted about about 5 years by royalpeaches101_2495461

My bestie Emily and I aborded our school bus. Today we were going to the boring Greek Mythology Muesume. When we aborded the bus our teacher Mrs.Sweets ( don't get fooled by the name) was holding a midnight black cat. That cat gave me the creeps. We both ran to the back like a cheetah awaiting its prey. Once there we were greeted by our friends Tre, Joshylne, Sarah, and Serena. "hey guy's i here today is the day that the muesume has the black whole festival." That's a day where suposidly the roof to the muesum opens up and transforms into a captivating black hole and eats two victums. But trust me its all hogwash. when our bus came to a screatching stop I jumped up and ran outside to the muesume. It was marvelous. The building wa made of pearl white granite. When we entered the meusume turned out to be hands on stuff so i took a spin at the archery center in Apollos section. Boy was i good aroows were flying everywhere and i didnt miss one target. Whenn i went to The chariot Building Station i waa a perfectionist i mean i built like ten. Over at the sword fighting area noone could beat me. "Wow!" I thought in disbalief as this could be the best day of my life but then agian it could not. As i strolled over to put my sworrd away it happend Patricia ( my worst nightmare) and I got sucked up into the captivating black whole. When I woke up I was in the gods temple. All the gods were in gianormous chairs. Everone had there owne chair and all but one were full. " We have brought you to girls here becuase one of you are a god and the other is the oracle." Zues said. I looked over at patricia and she had a smug look on her face like she new she was a god. When Posioden announced the results I was mind blown.

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